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01/21/17 06:11 AM #308    


Edward Torchy Smith

To all my former Shakerite total show has now been approved by I-HEART RADIO.

If you are not aware of I-HEART you will be in the future. Here is the link to my show on their



01/22/17 01:32 PM #309    

Ellen Kaufman

Hey Torch!!  That is really exciting!!  I'm sure this will open the doors of lots of interesting people!!  Well done.


01/23/17 04:18 AM #310    

Sallie Reider

Really terrific!!!!!

01/23/17 09:42 AM #311    


Judith Davidson (Waller)

Torchy that is fantastic news and what an honor. Congrats to you!!!


01/23/17 11:38 AM #312    


Dennis Bayer

Congratulations Torchy. Good timing too. I just installed iHeart on my tablet last week!

01/23/17 01:33 PM #313    

Donna Beran (Steadman)

Good for you, Torchy!  And Best of Luck with your second career!!


01/23/17 03:51 PM #314    


Kathy Slavik (Brandt)



You are very creative.



I was in Radio a long time...people in that industry are not always nice !

You are !


Kathy Slavik Brandt

01/23/17 04:11 PM #315    


Betsy Verne (Franco)

Hey, Torchy,

What exciting news! Congratulations!




01/23/17 07:25 PM #316    


Edward Torchy Smith

Thank you one and all for your comments.....Betsy please tell your sons when they become old and not so busy I would love to interview them.  I will ask them about Baby Boomers and what they know about our generation.  It will be like "Jay Walking" or like "Waters World".  Some of you actually understand what I am talking about. Betsy, you did such an amazing job raising three boys.  I am sure that many of us put in hard work also raising our kids as well....and with our superior upbringing we were able to get a head start on the "Let it To Beaver" parenting skills that the Shaker experience provided us. Now that I have everyone's attention...NOT SO  !!!  Behind closed doors we all have our stories.  Man oh man.... what we didn't know what was really going on would make a good Peyton Place novel on steroids. Call it SHAKER PLACE.  What I have learned is that you have to give every kid a chance because life is not as predictable as we were once led to believe. 

01/24/17 09:08 AM #317    


Richard Brezner

Hey, Torchy! Congrats! It IS a big deal! As you know, believed in you from the beginning! All the best....





01/24/17 01:13 PM #318    


Julie Hendricks (Gerhardt)

Congrats Torchy!  I've known I ๐Ÿ’•Radio because of East Coast Elvis Duran Radio Show!  (He has been my work Commute entertainment). Speaking of work...I am in between Pharmaceutical jobs and have a new gig!  I am an Uber and Lyft driver here in Philly!  (It's not going to pay the mortgage but helps keep me entertained!) I LOVE IT!  Let me know when you want an interview!  ๐Ÿ˜Ž

01/24/17 02:56 PM #319    

Nancy Malevan (Levy)

Congratulations, followed your passion and it worked! Just great!

01/24/17 05:00 PM #320    


Edward Torchy Smith go girl.  !!!

Richard......thanks for your telephone support.

Nancy......It's great we are  family all these years. Shaker Friends - in - law through our daughters.  

I have a favor for all those who see this.  My last interview that is now on I-Heart is with Jerry Mathers, the BEAVER.  Please go there and and click on the interview as it will help my ratings.  Even if it is for a short time.

Then make a comment in the comment area if you can.  By the way I talk with Jerry about the story line of where Ward, his father went to high school.  In one of the eposodes Ward mentions that he was on the swim team at Shaker Heights High School.  Does anyone remember that?  Here is the link:


01/25/17 11:47 AM #321    

Susan Palmer (Peiper)

TORCHY , You are a STAR in our eyes
Congrats on your New endeavor !!
Xx, Susi Palmer Peiper

01/25/17 11:58 AM #322    


Cookie Chesler (O'Neill)

Wonderful, Torchy!  So proud of you!  Hugs, Cookie

01/25/17 01:11 PM #323    

Betsy Slobody (Whitaker)

Congratulations Torchy!  How you keep all that trivia in your head is beyond me.  I guess it's not the keeping as much as the retrieving.  I've got lots of storage, just can't access it like I used to!! Ha,ha. I hope you continue to do well with your new endeavor.  You've got a lot of Shaker cheerleaders behind you!  Best wishes always!

Betsy Whitaker

02/07/17 10:27 AM #324    


Edward Torchy Smith

Thank you so much BETSY......I always wanted the cheerleaders behind me and also right in front of me.  

Here is my latest interview with a guy who does not have a computer and does not give out many interviews....but is really someone we all remember




03/17/17 04:12 PM #325    


Edward Torchy Smith

Another death of a classmate.

Linda is the obituarary :

03/20/17 12:42 PM #326    


Edward Torchy Smith

Adriennn Glazer Sheridan says .... On March 25th Elton John and I are going to turn 70

03/20/17 12:57 PM #327    


Edward Torchy Smith

Greetings Classmates . 
I am on IHEART RADIO now with my Baby Boomer interviews. Please click below to go there and make a comment. It can be good, bad, funny, insulting, praising, or indifferent.  All comments help in my ratings somehow. And ratings helps in my revenue sharing program with IHEART. You will not be hacked or followed with spam by doing this. IHEART only wants to see if I can get some reaction to the thousands of people I reach. Thanks !!!...Sincerely, TORCHY

here is the link


07/10/17 11:34 AM #328    


Edward Torchy Smith



The following message is from Bennett Trammer,,,,,

Sad news for all of us who treasured our friendship with Terry Schnell. Terry left us a few days ago, dying peacefully in his sleep according to his brother. I don't know all the details, I only know the world is a less warm and far less funny place without Terry in it. My own friendship with him dates back to 1962, and I know many of you were friends of his at Byron and Malvern before that. I keep writing "friend" - I imagine that's because Terry was the most loyal friend anyone could imagine. We kept in touch through email, phone calls, and occasionally in person (I saw him just this past spring) and we always talked about our friends from Shaker. I believe he attended all the reunions, and a lot of you reconnected with him there. I don't have any words of wisdom, I just know I'll miss him greatly, as many of you will. If there is a next world, I bet Alan Axelrod will be there to greet him. Please don't shoot the messenger on this - but knowing Terry he would say it's okay to rough me up a little.

07/11/17 07:34 AM #329    

Tim Bannon

Terry Schnell was a wonderful guy and wondrously funny. He saw every irony. Reading about encounters with him at reunions always brought back warm memories. Now that I know I won't see him again in this life, the sense of loss has taken hold. I'm sure Terry would see and share the irony.

09/09/17 10:19 PM #330    


Edward Torchy Smith

Let me try this again:

PRESS BELOW LINKTO HEAR MY INTERVIEW WITH SUSAN GILLISS FROM OUR CLASS: Her name is now Gwyn. Susan had roles on One Life To Live, Loving, Ryan's Hope, All My Children, The Guiding Light, and As The World Turns. Hear about her amazing career in modeling and TV. She is now a teaching coach and manager.

10/08/17 07:15 AM #331    


Edward Torchy Smith

Two more of our classmates have passed away:

Chip Lipton did not graduate with us but spent most of his youth with The Shaker School System.  He was quite a good athlete.

Bob Mann passed away in his sleep and was a resident of Florida. 

Here is his obituary:

12/08/17 10:22 AM #332    


Edward Torchy Smith

I do not have any details yet but another Classmate has passed away.

Carol Lynn Friedman.  I can't find an Obituary but I have heard this news from more than one source.  

If you have any futher information please add this to her memorial page on this website.

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