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01/25/17 01:11 PM #323    

Betsy Slobody (Whitaker)

Congratulations Torchy!  How you keep all that trivia in your head is beyond me.  I guess it's not the keeping as much as the retrieving.  I've got lots of storage, just can't access it like I used to!! Ha,ha. I hope you continue to do well with your new endeavor.  You've got a lot of Shaker cheerleaders behind you!  Best wishes always!

Betsy Whitaker

02/07/17 10:27 AM #324    


Edward Torchy Smith

Thank you so much BETSY......I always wanted the cheerleaders behind me and also right in front of me.  

Here is my latest interview with a guy who does not have a computer and does not give out many interviews....but is really someone we all remember




03/17/17 04:12 PM #325    


Edward Torchy Smith

Another death of a classmate.

Linda is the obituarary :

03/20/17 12:42 PM #326    


Edward Torchy Smith

Adriennn Glazer Sheridan says .... On March 25th Elton John and I are going to turn 70

03/20/17 12:57 PM #327    


Edward Torchy Smith

Greetings Classmates . 
I am on IHEART RADIO now with my Baby Boomer interviews. Please click below to go there and make a comment. It can be good, bad, funny, insulting, praising, or indifferent.  All comments help in my ratings somehow. And ratings helps in my revenue sharing program with IHEART. You will not be hacked or followed with spam by doing this. IHEART only wants to see if I can get some reaction to the thousands of people I reach. Thanks !!!...Sincerely, TORCHY

here is the link


07/10/17 11:34 AM #328    


Edward Torchy Smith



The following message is from Bennett Trammer,,,,,

Sad news for all of us who treasured our friendship with Terry Schnell. Terry left us a few days ago, dying peacefully in his sleep according to his brother. I don't know all the details, I only know the world is a less warm and far less funny place without Terry in it. My own friendship with him dates back to 1962, and I know many of you were friends of his at Byron and Malvern before that. I keep writing "friend" - I imagine that's because Terry was the most loyal friend anyone could imagine. We kept in touch through email, phone calls, and occasionally in person (I saw him just this past spring) and we always talked about our friends from Shaker. I believe he attended all the reunions, and a lot of you reconnected with him there. I don't have any words of wisdom, I just know I'll miss him greatly, as many of you will. If there is a next world, I bet Alan Axelrod will be there to greet him. Please don't shoot the messenger on this - but knowing Terry he would say it's okay to rough me up a little.

07/11/17 07:34 AM #329    

Tim Bannon (Bannon)

Terry Schnell was a wonderful guy and wondrously funny. He saw every irony. Reading about encounters with him at reunions always brought back warm memories. Now that I know I won't see him again in this life, the sense of loss has taken hold. I'm sure Terry would see and share the irony.

09/09/17 10:19 PM #330    


Edward Torchy Smith

Let me try this again:

PRESS BELOW LINKTO HEAR MY INTERVIEW WITH SUSAN GILLISS FROM OUR CLASS: Her name is now Gwyn. Susan had roles on One Life To Live, Loving, Ryan's Hope, All My Children, The Guiding Light, and As The World Turns. Hear about her amazing career in modeling and TV. She is now a teaching coach and manager.

10/08/17 07:15 AM #331    


Edward Torchy Smith

Two more of our classmates have passed away:

Chip Lipton did not graduate with us but spent most of his youth with The Shaker School System.  He was quite a good athlete.

Bob Mann passed away in his sleep and was a resident of Florida. 

Here is his obituary:

12/08/17 10:22 AM #332    


Edward Torchy Smith

I do not have any details yet but another Classmate has passed away.

Carol Lynn Friedman.  I can't find an Obituary but I have heard this news from more than one source.  

If you have any futher information please add this to her memorial page on this website.

07/11/18 06:53 AM #333    


Edward Torchy Smith

Fire at FERNWAY yesterday.


I thought you out of towners would like to see this.  Wait...I said that wrong.  You would not like to see this but would want to know about this by seeing this.  Is that better?  

07/12/18 03:52 PM #334    


Edward Torchy Smith



Loving son of Irving and Ruth Brock (both deceased). Beloved brother of Ginny Ormsby and Robin (Paul) Weinstein. Cherished uncle to David (Lisa) Holley, Jamie (Janis) Holley, Sara Weinstein and Anne Weinstein. Adored great uncle to many. Services Sunday July 15 at 11:30 a.m. at the Fairmount Temple 23737 Fairmount Blvd., Beachwood, where family will receive freinds AFTER SERVICE UNTIL 5 P.M. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers family suggests contributions to charity of choice..


07/14/18 07:31 AM #335    


Edward Torchy Smith

AYRES Curtis "Curt" Haven Ayres, 71, of Hampstead, NC, died Sunday, July 8, 2018, at home. Curt was born October 7, 1946 in Cleveland, OH, son of the late Charles Hamilton Ayres, III and Helen Dunmore Ayres. Curt graduated high school from Shaker Heights High School in Shaker Heights, Ohio. He received his bachelor's degree from Northern Michigan University. He spent over 20 years in Real Estate and owned two different Real Estate companies in Southern Delaware. Throughout his life Curt was an avid Cleveland sports fan as well as the Ohio State University Buckeyes. Aside from his family, his other love was volunteering as a youth sports coach, which he did for over five decades. He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Sharon Ayres; two sons, Charles Hamilton Ayres, V of Charlotte, NC, and Haven Dunmore Ayres of Atlanta, GA; two brothers, Thomas Ayres (Marcia) of Canton, CT, and Charles Hamilton Ayres, IV of Las Vegas, NV; and his mutt, "Spanky." In lieu of flowers, donations in Curt's memory may be made online or by mail to American Heart Association, 4217 Park Place Court, Glen Allen, VA 23060-9979. Condolences to the family at

Published in The Plain Dealer from July 12 to July 13, 2018

08/23/18 09:48 AM #336    


Edward Torchy Smith

Sorry to inform you of another deceased classmate.

Penelope Zinni....of course we all knew her as PENNY WALLIS. 

Here is her obituary from The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

10/10/18 09:46 PM #337    


Edward Torchy Smith

Over the years people from our class have spoken to me frequently about all my efforts and time spent with organizing our reunions. They seemed very appreciative.  Basically, that is all I expected ...nothing more…nothing less.  Well for those who want to make me really feel good …I ask you now to buy my book. Yes, this is a little impetuous.  But this was my plan from the very beginning.  I thought I would do exactly this 50 some years ago.  I will take over the high school reunions and every classmate will feel guilty if they don’t pay me back with my plea to buy my book that I had in mind in 1965. 

My book, Shooting the Breeze with Baby Boomer Stars, is a collection of stories and secrets revealed from my best radio interviews.  After interviewing over 100 celebrities from my childhood I was fortunate to go back in time and shake up the cobwebs in my brain.  This is what I would like to share with the reader.  It didn’t matter when I was talking with Geraldo Rivera or members of the original Mickey Mouse Club….it was the next best thing to stepping into a time machine.  I didn’t need LSD to trip out.  I just needed the gonads to do this and, of course, some computer skills.  There are many references to Cleveland and Shaker Heights in my book along with pictures from then and now.  Find out what they are doing now.  And most of all give it a good review on Amazon.  If I pissed you off in high school, please don’t give it a bad review.  Instead I will come to your house and clean your windows.  I look forward to your feedback.   Now for a few choice words on your next reunion.  “Gulp”….Should we even have one? 

There are a number of ways to buy my book.  This was not self-published. It was published by a division of Simon and Schuster.  It will be in book stores such as Barnes and Nobles.  The book has been out for two days and can be purchased at Amazon on line. Here is the link:

10/12/18 04:57 AM #338    

Leslie Jaffe (Miller)

Congratulations Torchy!  I would buy the book even if I didn’t feel guilty!  Sounds like a great read! Love Leslie Jaffe Miller

10/12/18 03:44 PM #339    


Dennis Bayer

My copy just arived about 30 minutes ago. I plan to bring it to the 60th so Torchy can sign it! :-)

10/13/18 04:40 PM #340    

Margaret Schwebel (Cohen)

Hey Torchy. I love being able to follow everyone especially so far away for me. It’s great what you are achieving and and I wish you all the success. I look forward to catching up with everyone soon. Good luck with it all. Best wishes and love, Maggie (Greetings from the UK)

10/18/18 10:12 PM #341    


Marguerite Comella (Tench)



Torchy: Received your book in the mail today.  Can't wait to read it.  Will give you my review when I finish! (lol)  And about the next reunion:  what about 55 year instead of 60?  We aren't getting any younger.  Hope you are well and congratulations on the book.





12/16/18 02:15 PM #342    


Marguerite Comella (Tench)

Torchy:  Finally getting back to you on your book.  It was very interesting, very amusing, and " sooooo Torchy".  What a delight.  Congratulations again!!!!!!!!!


FYI on another book:  Also finished reading "Little Fires Everywhere" by Celeste Ng, A recent New York Times bestseller.  For anyone interested, the book takes place in Shaker Heights in the late 90's.  Some of the references and situations and locations were familiar, some were not.  As for the societal ambiance; most of that was not the same as I remember.  But I am like Torchy.  I onl remember the good stuff!!


12/19/18 10:07 AM #343    


Edward Torchy Smith

Thank you Marquerite .  My Lomond Arithmetic tells me that in the year of 2020 it will be the correct time for a High School Reunion signifying 55 years. 

I am sooooo not into it.  I am burned out on the planning, the organizing, the collecting of money, the making of phone calls, and all the other details needed to make a reunion happen.  As I look back, I can say that the people who were on the Reunion Committee made the whole experience enjoyable.  I felt that the team effort in the planning stages was my own personal enjoyment of the reunion experience.  In fact, it was almost just as enjoyable as the actual party.  But that was then and this is now.

I don’t want to get morbid here but counting on people now for anything lately is quite a chore.  I help organize a golf group in the summer and it is like herding cats.   People have good intentions, but they are in another frame of mind. It’s more like…. well…. we all know what I am trying to say.  I can just imagine what classmates are thinking as I write this.  “Oh, he will change his mind a year from now.” I don’t think so.  I think someone else should step up and do the planning and take over the reins.

This website is one of the best ways to communicate with each other.  We should take advantage of this forum page which is private and not like Facebook. 

There is always the “enthusiasm” factor which is the over all secret sauce.  If you don’t have that your Manners Big Boy will never taste the same. Write that down.

As always, your comments are welcomed.


02/25/19 01:10 PM #344    


Edward Torchy Smith

From:  Sarah (Sally) Kulber Blackman

Dear Torchy, I know I am very tardy in sending this to you, but I needed to arrive at a certain place in my sense of loss to be able to write and share this. If you feel it appropriate to post it on the class website, please do so. Thank you, Sarah Blackman (Sally Kulber) David Stein passed away on April 4, 2017 of complications from brain cancer in Josselin, Brittany, France where he had lived for more than fifteen years. His three children, now with families of their own, live in the States. David’s achievements were not of the large scale. But, while backpacking through Afghanistan during his college years he instructed a village in how to create an irrigation system without the use of electricity or having to carry buckets of water. He based it on his memory of a system he had seen illustrated at the Natural Museum of Science on a school field trip. He also lived and traveled the world, alone and with his young children, having the experiences of getting to know the riches of other cultures and the depths of his family. In France he lived on an island just outside a small village. He cultivated it into a garden paradise (I had the luck to visit there several times) which won prizes four years in a row, and the waterfalls that surrounded them carried a special music for David. Music was David’s passion, and he led a cathedral choir and two smaller choral groups, performing in ancient churches and abbeys all over the region. He was a marvelous cook, a welcoming and gracious host, an inventive thinker, a committed listener, a writer, someone who was willing to share his home, his emotions, his thoughts and his kindness. Meeting his neighbors I was struck by how all of them knew David so deeply, and felt they had a special connection with him. He was indeed a loving friend to those who were lucky enough to truly know him. 

This is a Contact Us submission for Shaker Heights High School Class Of 1965. Only selected Administrators receive these. 

This message has been sent to you from

02/26/19 10:44 AM #345    

Jeffrey Pollock (Pollock)

David had an elfin magic and he was lucky to have you as a friend.


Jeff Pollock

02/27/19 01:35 PM #346    

Barbara Harter (Harter)

David was a charming nonconformist in high school; I'm glad he remained that way. He was brilliant. He always made me laugh. I'm sorry to learn that he passed away.

02/27/19 01:36 PM #347    

Barbara Harter (Harter)

David was a charming nonconformist in high school; I'm glad he remained that way. He was brilliant. He always made me laugh. I'm sorry to learn that he passed away.

Barbara Harter

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