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Dan Biello

Dan Biello

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03/03/14 03:47 PM #2    

Burton Singerman

I saw Dan frequently after his lymphoma dx. We were both training at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis., Dan in neuroradiology. He told me about his dx. but always smiled and looked great. He kept going in his training program after the Dx. and had a great sense of optimism. I was upset and surprised when I learned of his  death.His attitude was the type that you see in people who actually win even when they have a  bad prognosis. .

03/14/14 09:41 PM #3    

Marla Dill (Brown)

I've tried to post this photo several times for a while but my pc is failing. This plaque is across from the High School office.. I  took the photo at our last Reunion. Dan transferred to Fernway in third grade? I don't remember where he lived before Shaker. I think most of us both classes...had a crush on him!. I

03/15/14 09:48 AM #4    

Barbara Horovitz (Brown)

Hey Marla, I never realized going thru Fernway with you, that you (your family)  were so involved with so many historical things....and you have an amazing grasp on them all. Guess that's why, when you asked for the thank you letters my mom had saved from our class, I felt sending them to you put them in good hands. You would probably recall then, if my memory serves me correctly, in rememberig that Dan Biello played Pinocchio in the Fernway production. That's about all I recall about Dan, but for some reason, Pinocchio really impressed me. It was nice getting to have dinner with and catch up with you at the last reunion. Can't believe that was almost 10 years ago. Barbara 

03/17/14 01:15 PM #5    

Betsy Slobody (Whitaker)

How could anyone forget Danny!  He was a gentleman ahead of his time.  He always had a smile for everyone, was helpful to all and led by example.  I never heard a harsh word from him.  I always felt uplifted having spent any time with him.  I was so shocked to learn of his early demise.  The world lost a great soul when it lost Danny.

Betsy Slobody Whitaker

05/11/14 09:24 PM #6    

Harris Creech

Danny was great.

A very kind person!

Best memory: My daughter was born in 1972. During her birth and with my wife in pain....  Dannny walks

in room and we talk about old Shaker days. After birth, my ex-wife was going to kill me. For some reason

she wanted the attention.

Perhaps that is why she is ex-wife...  

Danny was great!!  God Bless!!

11/01/14 08:46 AM #7    

Edward Torchy Smith

When Dan Biello was elected to the Shaker Hall of Fame in 1987, his parents called Michael Peterman to accept the Award on behalf of the family. These are his remarks from the Induction Ceremony held October 18th, 1987.  SEE ABOVE

11/02/14 09:11 AM #8    

Jules Steinberg

I read Mike Peterman,s speech about Dan Biello.  It was a fine presentation about our late friend Dan Biello.  It was verywell written.  Thanks for sending the classmates the testimony.


11/02/14 02:39 PM #9    

Richard Brezner

I, too, read Michael's speech about Danny and so appreciate the eloquence, warmth and feelings of true friendship that came through. Though I didn't know Dan well, I always appreciated that he was never boastful despite his many accomplishments, and was a true gentleman.

He'll always be missed.   

11/03/14 11:42 AM #10    

Lawrence (Ren) Collins

As we go through life we all encounter individuals and experiences that have a profound affect on us and these memories never fade. For me, Danny Biello was one of those individuals. My family moved to Shaker in 1956 after living overseas. I remember playing pick up baseball at Fernway playground. Having never played the game, I experienced the humiliation of being one of the last picked for a team by the designated captains, until Dan became a captain. He always picked the less skilled kids for his team. How old were we? 10, 11! His character and maturity revealed itself at a very young age. He was fun to be around and was always a true friend. I last saw Dan at a baseball game at O.U. against Ohio Weslyen and yes, O.U. lost due in large part to the game Dan played that day. He was one of the kindest, warm hearted, intelligent people I have ever known. We lost him way to early but he accomplished more things in his short life than most people. As others have said, I too, feel fortunate to have known him.

Ren Collins   

11/03/14 05:09 PM #11    

Allan Ippolito (Moved Away Senior Year)

Danny and I were good friends in high school and always enjoyed being with him. I knew of his illness and eventual passing but I had no idea of his many accomplishments. People get separated by time and space. I was greatly impressed by his many endeavours but not surprised. Yes, Danny was special as so many people have attested to and he will be missed by all of the people who knew him.---Allan Ippolito

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