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Pixie Chester

Pixie Chester

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04/28/14 09:55 AM #15    

Dennis Bayer

Double Amen!

04/28/14 01:16 PM #16    

Marc Brenner

I would like to add a third AMEN.  A place to share memories is hardly the place to challenge procedures or sell snake oil commodities for ones own benefit   It came to a point last year where I had to ask Mr. Winer to cease contact with me.   First,  he reprimanded me for having children with a younger wife because I wouldn't be around to raise them.  Then he urged me to forgo vacinations and to adopt his views on medicine.  At this point I reminded him that he didn't know me and had no insight into my life.  He is indeed a self promoter and I enjoyed the comments directed towards him.  There is a time and a place for everything and memories of Pixie is hardly the place or the time.  Shame on you, Mr. Winer.

04/28/14 01:53 PM #17    

Bennett Tramer

This page is devoted to Pixie and is a forum for the many people who remember her warmly.  A lot of people loved Pixie and she died way too young.  We really don't want to hear all the things one person thinks she did "wrong."  Besides, Julie's post makes it clear that Pixied did try a variety of treatments in what was apparently a very courageous fight.  So please stay out of it when you don't know another person's situation - ignorance isn't bliss, it's just ignorance.

04/28/14 02:44 PM #18    

David Ludwig

Thank you Marc and Bennett....

04/29/14 12:53 AM #19    

Julie Hendricks (Gerhardt)

And thank goodness that John, Pixie's husband, wasn't in our class and didn't have to read such hurtful and judgemental statements!  Mr Winer...please don't continue your free advertising on our website.


04/29/14 04:41 PM #20    

Tom Rison

I have certainly enjoyed reading the many comments about Pixie from so many classmates.  Brings back lots of  happy memories.  While this may be my first comment to these pages, it probably will not be my last.  I do have a few things to say, which I feel are important.

Pixie was one in a million.  I never met anyone as up-beat as she was.  Always had a smile on face, showed true interest in you as a person, always lent a helping hand, and never had a negative thing to say about anyone.  Only person I ever met that never had a bad hair day.  She is and continues to be truly missed. We were lucky to have known her and have her in our lives, albeit for such a short time.

Pixie was a great inspiration to all of us, especially me,  However, the part about keeping negative comments and thoughts to myself did not stick.   I don't pretend to know or remember Jim Winer; however, I am sick and tired of his insensitive, arrogent, and provacative comments about cancer victims.  To suggest that the classmates that we have lost to this horrible disease and their families followed the wrong advise by listening to their doctors is beyond the pale.  If you believe Mr. Winer, all you have to do is eat some herbs, wild berries, drink some herbial essence beverage, and chant a few lines from Pink Floyd,  everything will be OK.  And he certainly picks the wrong forum for his message. I find his level of self-importance, to say the least, disturbing.

These pages should be reserved for comments of departed  friends and reflect our deepest and warmest rememberances.  It would appreciated and approprite for Mr. Winer to try and rememeber this when he wants to start another self-promotional response.  

It ain't about you, Jimbo.   


04/29/14 07:48 PM #21    

David Ludwig

Very well said Mr. Rison......

04/29/14 10:40 PM #22    

Julie Hendricks (Gerhardt)

Thank you Tom for reminding us of all the great things about Pixie!  I really appreciate so many loving memories of her and hope that all this caring and sharing can help us all turn our Memorial Pages back into what they are meant to be - full of love for those we have lost! 


04/30/14 08:47 AM #23    

Judith Davidson (Waller)

Jim as you can see Pixie had a lot of good friends and deserves to be respected in her life treatments. Julie, David, Dennis, Marc, Bennett and Tom you all said it well as Pixie was a wonderful person who passed with dignity and that should be respected. You felt by posting your alternative treatments to cancer that you were helping people going through this but you have failed. It is up to the person, their families and doctor to determine the correct coarse of action they need to take. You have made some classmates very angry and you need to apologize for that mistake. 


Judy Davidson Waller

07/04/15 06:13 PM #24    

Helen Kronenberg (Rubel)

As the 50th reunion nears, I wanted to add a few words to all the thoughtful things classmates have written about Pixie. I realize that I knew her only the three years of high school, but she has left me with two great memories. First, I remember playing defense with her in field hockey during gym class. We must have had a good offense, because Pixie and I spent most of each class joking and laughing. The second memory is from a time just shortly after I had met her. She was talking with someone, and I was struck by how closely Pixie listened to everything the friend said. Clearly, when you talked to Pixie, she gave you her undivided attention. No one else mattered. What a gift she gave to her many friends.

-Helen (Kronenberg) Rubel

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