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Virginia Dunn (Fields)

Virginia Dunn (Fields)

January 15th, 2015  ........I just received the following message from Peter Snedecor:

Torchy - Ginny Dunn Fields died today. She had serious heart surgery in late October, and it went badly. She never really recovered. There will be a memorial service in Atlanta. I'll let you know the details when I know more myself.



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01/21/15 03:47 PM #4    

Susie Rawson (Driscoll)


Thank you Tom Rison for representing all of us who would have liked to be there to tell her family about their mom as a young person...I had so much fun and so many outrageously  hilarious times with Ginny...many probably not appropriate for this forum but truly memories I hold dear.  She had the best ever sense of humor...could even laugh at herself...which many 16-18 year old girls could never do!  Although we have been separated by many years and thousands of miles I do not, will not ever forget this funny, fun, compassionate and loyal friend. Thanks Ginny for the memories...



01/21/15 07:28 PM #5    

Judith Helf (Fishman)

Thank you Tim for sharing your thoughts and posting what you did. Jenny will be missed at the 50th reunion she always had a big smile on her face and I know she'll probably be smiling down from above watching all of us and in her own way her comical way she'll probably let us know that she was there

01/21/15 07:31 PM #6    

Judith Helf (Fishman)

Siri is  always a challenge when you try to have her type for you. Sorry Tom and the misspelling ofginny's name

01/21/15 07:59 PM #7    

Lawrence Rivitz

Ginny and I dated during the last two years of high school.  She was unlike any person I had ever known. She was direct, honest, curious, wicked funny, and strong, often shouldering the maternal responsibilities of a loving, yet sometimes challenged family, one very much unlike my own.  I learned so much from the Dunn's about celebrating difference and liberating my own typically suburban perspective on what it meant to lead a joyful life.  While Ginny and I shared the joys and pain of adolescence, she also held up an adult mirror, she scrutinized my beliefs, we argued (and laughed at each other) into the night, and she helped me think hard about basic values and life choices.  It was always a test with Ginny, and we thrived on the engagement.
After graduation, Ginny went to her family's ancestral school, IU, followed her mother into nursing, met her future husband in the first semester, and neither of us looked back.  A great start to adult life...which prepared me to engage with the incredible woman I married 45 years ago, whose own mirror, much like Ginny's, has helped make my life authentic, productive, and joyful.
I saw Ginny at the 40th and had looked forward to one more of our combative conversations at the 50th that always ended with a hug, sometimes a drag on a Tareyton, and her deep laugh.  Sadly, that's not going to happen.  Ironically, I got a pacemaker the day Ginny died of heart disease.  While her life was cut short, mine will continue, and like all her friends, I will remember her fondly, at least till the battery wears out.   

01/22/15 09:51 AM #8    

Julie Hendricks (Gerhardt)


WONDERFUL WORDS...thanks for your fond memories...I will miss my occasional phone calls!  Ginny or I would call each other on a whim, pause when we answered the phone...and then just start laughing.  She was supposed to be my roommate for the reunion!  I can't believe I won't see her again.  I know her three kids and grandkids will continue the Ginny Legacy!

01/22/15 04:12 PM #9    

James Slater Sr

I was so sorry to read that Ginny had passed away. Ginny and I were in the same class at Boulevard School for Grades 1 through 5 . All five class pictures appear in the "class pictures" section of  our ClassOf65 website. Those pictures bring back fond memories of our elementary school days when we established our earliest friendships.

01/23/15 05:00 PM #10    

Roger Bamberger

Anyone who went to Boulevard School knew Ginny. She was always smiling if she wasn't laughing and anyone near her was doing likewise. She had such a great laugh. It's what I remember most. I lost touch as we moved onward and upward but will miss her none the less. Very nice words from all of you.

01/25/15 02:33 PM #11    

Anne Scarff (Snedecor)

         I was able to go to Atlanta and to attend Ginny’s visiting hours and funeral. (I’m sorry I missed you, Tom.  Ginny’s daughter Anne was so delighted with your visit. They were wondering who the mystery person would be who would show up and you were it!)  It’s been difficult to sit down and write something about being there, so full of memories and emotions. And, I want to be part of  remembering with you all. It has been so comforting to read all of your memories of Ginny.  I hung out at Ginny’s house a lot in high school and became close to her brothers as well.  Yes, Joan, and learned to love eating potato chips with mustard.  And then there were the French fries at the Wagon Wheel.

         In the midst of all the grief it was a real joy to see her surviving brothers again.  (Older brothers, Dave and Tim, have both passed away).  They made me feel so welcome and a part of things. And they were hungry to hear stories of Gin in high school.  I took the photo of our field hockey team senior year and they knew so many of the names of Ginny’s friends.   In my visits to Ginny over the years I had met her two sons Kevin and Ryan, and daughter Anne.   Ryan in particular looks so much like Ginny.  For the first time I met the grandchildren.  Abigail, Anne’s youngest, is the spitting image of Gin and talks just like her.

         You could feel Gin’s presence during the funeral. The pastor really knew her, down to the crease in her forehead when she was thinking about what you had just said and preparing to tell you that you were full of shit, so to speak. (The pastor didn’t put it that way and that’s what she meant.) As I remember it, there might also be an eye roll and then the ever-present giggle.  The sanctuary was simply thick with love for Ginny.

         Ginny remained my close friend over all these years.  Like most of us, we each went through good times and hard times.  Along with all the laughter and goofing around, she taught me to believe in myself no matter what.  She did this through her power of example.  A fond memory that keeps coming to me is playing field hockey with her. From my full back position after I passed the ball, I would watch her fly down the right-wing  with Burky  urging her on:  “Run, Ginny, Run!”

02/04/15 06:15 PM #12    

Marcia Kessler

Although Ginny and I lost contact after high school, I will always have fond and fun memories of playing on the various varsity sports teams with her. Field hockey, basketball, volleyball...we did them all and loved every minute of it. She and I hung out after school sometimes, I remember going to her house and doing????whatever, it was always a good time. She was sweet, smart, quicked witted, open and accepting of everyone she met.

02/27/15 02:05 PM #13    

Rennie Crane

Ginny has been on my mind!  I was ver shy when I went to boulevard and she was so out there! I admired her friendship and spirit. She had the best laugh and eyes that truly twinkled!   I will miss her at our reunion! (This is being written by Mary Beth)

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