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Alice Galvin

Alice Galvin

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01/06/17 12:34 PM #7    

Dennis Bayer

Alice's husband, John just sent me this obituary which will appear in the Alaska newspaper this Sunday, January 8.


Alice Joy Galvin, Ed.D

March 4,1947 - Dec. 31, 2016


Alice Joy Galvin, 69, passed away in Anchorage, AK surrounded by family and friends.  Following her diagnosis of lung cancer in October 2013, Alice moved forward with grace and courage.  Thanks to the support of her health care providers, family and friends, and her own determination, Alice beat the odds and lived a good life to the end.   


Alice was born in Cleveland, Ohio to Richard and Carolyn Galvin.  Raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio with brother Bobby, she enjoyed a full and active life. In 1965, she attended the University of Wisconsin and graduated with a degree in Secondary Education.  She moved to Ketchikan in 1972 as a Vista volunteer, and then to Sitka, where Alice taught high school and performed as a Sitka New Archangel Dancer.


In 1976, Alice moved to Valdez where she taught high school English. According to her students, she was an inspirational force.  Poetry and literature were lifelong passions.   She later became the Valdez City Schools Curriculum Director and also served as an adjunct professor at Prince William Sound Community College.  During that time, Alice earned her Masters in Education Administration from the University of Alaska.


Moving to Anchorage in 1988 she met the love of her life, John Gliva.   Her career continued at Alaska Pacific University from 1988-92; ATU/ACS from 1992-99; and BP Alaska from 2000-12. Ever a life-long learner, Alice received her Doctorate from Boston University in 1992.  She established Alice Galvin Consulting, which was a success through the end of 2016. 


Alice contributed to her communities by serving as a member of many boards and commissions.  These include Prince William Sound Community College Advisory Council, Alaska Student Loan Corporation, Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, Alaska Human Resource Investment Council, National Governor’s Association Council for State Human Resource Investment, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Commonwealth North, Anchorage Symphony, Providence Hospital, Alaska Botanical Gardens, and Planned Parenthood. Alice also valued her role with the Literary Ladies, Duck Shack Divas, and The Back Room Women.


Apart from her successful business life, she was best known as a wonderful and generous friend, mentor, role model and loving partner.  Her Alaskan roots ran deep and she impacted the lives of those who knew her personally as well as those who knew of her.  Her elegance and grace were always present for anyone who gathered in her home.


She is survived by her loving husband of 28 years, beloved dog Odin, brother Dr. Robert “Bobby” Galvin, wife Dr. Gail D’Onofrio and their three children Alison, Jennifer, and Cole; cousins Ellen and Ricki Altman, and a multitude of friends. In lieu of flowers, information on donation options will be provided at the celebration of life, which is being held at the Dena’ina Center on Feb. 4, 2017 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.


01/06/17 02:12 PM #8    

Webster Young


01/07/17 09:11 AM #9    

Barbara Horovitz (Brown)

Just the fact that Alice spent most of her life in Alaska demonstrates that she lived life "out of the box". I knew Alice minimally from Jr. High School, (believe she may have come to a sleepover party I had). I wish I had known her is the case with many of our classmates, as I learn the paths their lives have taken. May we all continue to contribute much to the our communities, as it sounds like Alice did.

01/07/17 11:05 AM #10    

Leah Ferstman (Barry)

I spent many sleepovers at Alice's in Jr. High and chuckle when I remember the mischief before her parents would come back home on a Fr. or Sat. night. Alice was an avid reader at that time and certainly became an accomplished woman in her career. I'm so glad that she was able to come to the reunion and I'm grateful to have seen her at that time. Rest in peace sweet Alice.

01/07/17 01:21 PM #11    

Michael Siegel

I didn't know Alice, though her picture is familiar.  I don't know that we shared many, if any, classes.  But her bio in the obituary indicates that our lives could easliy have intertwined post-Shaker:  I almost went to Wisconsin for college (but went elsewhere); I majored in English (we may well have had classes together at Wisconsin); and I joined VISTA (going to Pensacola, Florida--a bit warmer than Alaska).  Like ships passing in the night, we just missed connecting.

I am always saddened at learning of the passing of our classmates at relatively young ages; but the summary of accomplishments, influences on others, community service, etc., of those who have left us--Alice is a great example--is inspirational.

01/07/17 07:38 PM #12    

Ellen Kaufman

Thanks so much to Dennis for posting the obituary.  I had no real sense of the depth and breadth of Alice's engagement with her students and her community.  "A life well lived" is certainly a fitting summation.  I'm inspired!!

01/07/17 09:38 PM #13    

Nancy Livingston

As 4th graders, Alice and I became fast friends when as Rye Road neighbors we successfully negotiated what we thought was its enormous signature hill on our roller skates. Many skinned knees and elbows later we again joined forces as swim leaders at both Byron and Shaker which was a lot easier on the joints! Block parties, barbeques, backyard basketball and kick-the can made those early years idyllc and as we matured so did our friendship. In these last three years, although separated by geography, we maintained our relationship and I was deeply privileged to witness the determination and grace in fighting her diease that she displayed in all her endeavours. I will miss her elegance, wit and good humor and thank her for inspiring me in ways too numerous to mention.



01/08/17 11:54 AM #14    

Cheryl Wolfe (Pietrafese)

One would not have known Alice was ill at the reunion.  I had been told, but when I saw her, and talked with her, I could not tell.  She was always a friendly, vicacious person - a beautiful soul inside and out.  Looking back - I wish we had been closer friends. Her obituary was enlightening.  So sad someone who had given so much was taken so soon. 

01/08/17 09:11 PM #15    

Dennis Bayer

The obit appeard today.


01/09/17 11:39 AM #16    

Leslie Kelvin

She was a great and good force in High School.  Why is it that the really good people seem to be taken before others?

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