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Sue Kastner

Sue Kastner

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08/25/14 06:40 PM #1    

Marilyn Glassman

Sue (better known as SueEllen) was one of my best friends in elementary & high school.  Affectionalety, our group of friends called her "Mama" .  I still miss her to this day!

08/26/14 05:49 PM #2    

Richard Brezner

Sue was also one of my closest friends all through high school and we spent an extraordinary amount of time together. I affectionately called her brother, (Brian), "B", as did she, and her younger sister, Lisa, was, and still is adorable. Sue would have parties in her basement, usually including Laurel, Judy, Sallie, Joan,  Pat, and so many others whose names I can't now recall (FORGIVE ME!) or we'd sit around listening to 45's, just us, a party of two. Her parents were ALWAYS home and quite vocal making it known to everyone that there were there....We knew! We knew!......Skeeter Davis' song, "The End Of The World" was always one of Sue's favorites, as sad as it was. To top it off, Sue was my '65 Prom Date. I still have the photos of us in my family's back, in my ugly blue tuxedo with ruffled shirt (polyester, I'm guessing!) and her in a great gown wearing her corsage and smiling broadly....or was she laughing? We always had so much fun. When I left for Ohio State (where I lasted two quarters before transferring to SVA in NYC), Sue rode in the car with my family to see me off. She was a somewhat shy, tender and emotional woman, and goodbyes were never either of our strong points. Shortly thereafter, off she went to Kent State. We lost touch a couple of years later but I would call her when I was back in Shaker to visit my family and it was always as if time had stood still. She fell in love, got married, and had a child. Thinking of her now always brings back such sweet memories and it's difficult to believe that she's been gone for SO many years. I believe she was one of a handful to pass away from our class so early and so young. In loving memory of a wonderful friend and a beautiful person. R.I.P. Sue......... 

08/26/14 06:53 PM #3    

Rhonda Butnick (Scorzelli)

I don't have all of the great memories that you guys had with Sue, but I was friendly with her and she was a great person-- very sweet!  Richard --send that picture to Torchy so he can post it!

08/27/14 12:01 AM #4    

Leslie Kelvin

Sue was my neighbor when we went to Moreland Elementry School,  I remember how much fun we had talking through our bedroom windows as our houses were close to each other.  She was my good friend in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.   She really was a lot of fun and she brightened my life in those years.  I will never forget her.   It is not often that a person becomes unforgetable.  Sue will always be in my thoughts.  What an awful waste to lose such a bright star so young.

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