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Margo Luntz

Margo Luntz

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01/09/14 07:32 AM #1    

Nancy Mervis (Fromson)

Loved and missed ....

05/25/14 01:26 PM #2    

Mimi Becker

Margo was one of my closest friends and I have countless warm and wonderful memories of her.  Some of the highlights being an all girls trip we took together, with other young women.... Departing from New York City on the new train, The Denver Zepher .  The train even had a dome car.... This was it's maiden vouage. 

We crossed the US and had many crazy stops along the way... Here's one for you... We attended the Republican Convention in San Francisco that year!  ( I assure you... Margo and I were both Democrats.... At that time.)

This train then took us throughout Mexico... By bus!  It was insane!

A few years later I was married to my first husband and living in San Francusco.  Margo had just returned from Europe and stated that she wanted to come and stay with us, with her cat, "Boo-ey Princess."  It was perfectly fine with me..  What my husband thought... Oh well.  I adored Margo and she and her cat lived with us for 6 months.

Margo and I sat together at the 30th reunion.  I knew she was terribly ill... But she was so brave.  Making it to the reunion was her goal... And she achieved it.  I called her the next day and her mother said, "Oh Mimi, it's not a good day."  And she was gone soon after that.

I know that Margo is loved and missed by everyone who knew her...

She is always with us in spirit.

Love to you Margo, 




05/26/14 11:06 PM #3    

Diane Rubin (Williams)

i did not get to know margo until many years after high school,  but i have memories of seeing her in the high school cafeteria and thinking how "sharp" she was and how beautiful her clothes were.  she was the best dressed girl in high school.  when i got to know her a little, 15 years later, i was pleasantly surprised at how kind and modest she was.  i suffered from the assumption that all rich kids were snobs. 

12/17/14 05:31 PM #4    

Beverly Brown


12/17/14 05:33 PM #5    

Beverly Brown

I just posted a photograph of Margo and me in elementary school. Third or fourth grade? I'm not sure. We went to Malvern.  Even then she had beautiful clothes. I remember on the first day of school in third grade, my first day in Shaker Hts., she had on a dress that had her name embroidered on it. I thought it was so cool. She was a nice girl.  I ran into her once in college at a party at Dartmouth. 



12/18/14 03:35 PM #6    

Bennett Tramer

That's a great photo of Beverly and Margo but it does make me glad I went to Onaway instead of Malvern, since Malvern apparently put their kids in cages.  Margo was beautiful in every way.  I actually had a crush on her in ninth grade when she sat next to me in English; I'm sure I wasn't the only guy to feel that way about her.  She was so nice!  I remember there was an Assembly in the auditorium the first day of tenth grade and Margo saw me sitting a few rows behind her and got up and made her way over to me just to just say hi and wish me a great time on our new adventure of high school.  I saw  her once or twice in Los Angeles maybe in the late 70s a with Mimi and she was as warm and wonderful (sounds like a Johnny Mathis album title) as she had been in high school.  She's certainly missed, and  remembered warmy by many, many classmates.

12/19/14 10:16 PM #7    

David Ludwig

Amen Bennett....

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