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Connie Zucker (Reider)

Connie Zucker (Reider)

Torchy, I wanted to let the class of '65 know that Connie passed away Tuesday March 24th with her family and long time partner Ricky Bamberger by her side. She lived in Annapolis, Md. Connie had pancreatic cancer and fought a valiant fight against a terrible disease. 

Stay healthy

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03/28/20 11:01 AM #1    

Edward Torchy Smith

Here is the link to her Obituary :

03/29/20 08:00 PM #2    

Diane Unger (Cooper)

Connie was a good friend in high school and even though I haven't seen her in many years, I was really saddened to learn of her passing.  She had a great smile and a great attitude and I'm sure will be sorely missed by her family and close friends.  I regret knowing that I won't get a chance to see her again.

03/30/20 01:41 PM #3    

Susan Irwin (Holdstein)

Diane you are so right. I must have met Connie through you. I haven't seen her since high school but I was catapulted back into time to remember her great smile and her fun demeanor. It looks like she turned into a wonderful adult. I am touched as we all are to remember how quickly we run out of time.

03/30/20 04:45 PM #4    

Edward Torchy Smith


Torchy - If you could post this for Connie Zucker’s page, I’d appreciate it.


There could not have been another female classmate whose demise would have had as much of a shock as hearing about Connie’s passing. My memory is of her warm and tender heart, shining face, and magnetic personality. We went out to many functions over the matter of our years in high school,, and whenever she accepted my date offer, it always felt the world was right again. 

      I played Saxophone in the Sunliners with Ronnie Carren and 

Howie Weiner, and whenever we played the song Misty, for some reason I would think of her. After quite a hiatus, I picked up the Sax again, and whenever Misty is requested, it still gives me flashbacks to memories of Connie. 


  I am sure knowing that Connie is gone, playing Misty will not just pull on the strings of my heart, but will also create a tear in my eye.  

03/30/20 05:29 PM #5    

Ronna Burger

I might have had only bits and pieces of fond, light-hearted memories from my high school friendship with Connie, until a trip to Annapolis a few years ago provided an occasion to reconnect.  Sadly, though, I got to know the person Connie came to be mostly through the journey she shared (on Caring Bridge) in facing a fatal disease.  She documented all the challenges on what she called her Appalachian Trail, but much more, her increasing awareness of the joys of being alive, which she couldn't take for granted.  Her reflectoins conveyed a spiritual strength that was inspiring.


03/30/20 06:55 PM #6    

Eileen Shenker

I remember Connie well.  She had a beautiful smile and warm face. Her presence brightened the room.  I remember how kind she was. I haven't seen her but have been following her journey through Roger Bamberger.  We are still close friends so he kept me informed on her past 11 years or so while dating his brother.  She was loved by many. 

04/01/20 01:11 AM #7    

Toni Craig (Friedman)

I have many, many fond memories of Connie, not only from high school, but after college as well. Connie, Myra Singer and I ( and three non -Ohioans) all shared a wonderful house in Washington DC for several years. 
Reading about her accomplishments brought back to me a flood of treasured memories that brought me to tears.  I remember Connie's laugh, smile , our shared love of music, our shenanigans, our terrible cooking and her camera always hanging around her neck. I am so glad to read that she continued with her photography . Sincere condolences to her family and friends on their loss. 


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